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We help consultants and research scientists make real-time decisions on crop health.


UAV Automation
We designed an un-manned aerial system to work with crop consultants and scientists, letting them worry about data, not flying. Use our draw and shoot system to create preset flight plans that capture the data you need.

Agricultural Imaging

We fly research proven sensors such as the Micasense Altum, Slantrange 4p+, Flir Thermal, and High Resolution color. These imaging systems provide a real-time view of your farm. These maps help monitor disease and pest to pro-activley managing your farm from above.


Web, and Mobile Applications
Our software allows scientists and crop consultants to organize their farm's data into a visual timeline. View aerial maps, track weather conditions, and share critical crop data with your team in a centralized location.


Management Solutions
Prevent water damage by fixing irrigation issues early. Conserve pesticides by spot treating rather than spraying the whole crops. We help you control your yields by pinpointing trouble areas and isolating them before they spread.

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